New members found

New member has come to our attention. Please welcome Terry Dugan. As his email states “MY NAME IS TERRY DUGAN I WAS IN C CO FROM JUNE 1968 TO MAY 1969 I WAS A FRONT LOADER AND DOZER OPERATOR .WITH THE EARTH MOVING PLT.”

Please welcome George Negrete. As his email states “WOULD LIKE TO POST MY NAME AS A NEW MEMBER. I WAS WITH 169 ENG C CO. IN 1966/1967 AT LONG BIN AND AT BEAR CAT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”

Later today I will edit the member lists to reflect this addition.

Web hosts switch?

Reunion has come and gone, and new photos have been sent. However, there is news that the site may be switching hosts, so I’m holding off from uploading the new stuff until it is all settled (no point in getting it up, only to have to take it down and put it backup again).
There’s a few other changes too that need to be done, but I’m also using the time between the change to make sure all the files across the board are all synced up. This way, no matter where I am working from I’ve got the latest and newest stuff all together.

A moment of silence..

At 6:45 A.M this morning, Tommy Reynolds passed away.
He will be buried in Durant, Oklahoma. Information will be posted as it comes available. Please check here or the 169th Engineer’s Facebook Page for further updates.

Reunion news!

With regret due to circumstances beyond their control, Brenda & Eddie Yelton will not be able to host the next reunion as planned. They send their apologies along with their disappointment.

Your help is being requested in the form of a volunteer to host the C Company169th reunion. Tommy & I hosted the first reunion in Biloxi, we would gladly due it again if he was not going through these cancer treatments. We planned & organized it all by phone, except for the itinerary & invitation which we did by mail. Pat & David hosted the second, the third was done by Shirley & Louis, the fourth by Sue & Larry – any of us would be happy to answer any questions & help where we can.

Until a new volunteer will accept to host the next one, the reunion is put on standby status. If you have questions it is easier to reach me by e-mail.


More images are now up on Van Allen’s page, we have another member (Richard Hodnett), and few other bugs that were brought to my attention are being addressed as we speak.


More images are now up on Van Allen’s page, we have another member (Richard Hodnett), and few other bugs that were brought to my attention are being addressed as we speak.

Information was given to me that a member many have been looking has been found, but unfortunately, he’s already passed. Charles Phillip Van Allen Jr. has been added to the memory page, has a personal memory page, and I’m looking through for photos for him. Currently there are only two, a picture I was able to get from his official obit page and one from Lt. Kaminski’s photo gallery.


Alright, I have finished the coding completely on the member pages with photos, and added a few more captions to the photos on the pages (atleast photos that had captions to begin with).

I haven’t gotten to the reunion photos there, so there still may be glitches that crash computers as the other pages have, so tread carefully. I don’t think there are any major problems, as no one’s brought any about the reunion pages to my attention, but the plan is still to code them as the other pages have been.

New additons and loss

Alright, few changes! All the member pages with pictures have been re-coded, so they should not crash again. I haven’t been able to actually test the pages, so tread carefully. With that said, we have two new picture galleries, one from Tom Shannon and one from R. D. “Rags” Raghanti.

I may also look over the reunion pages, because they were set up in the same way the member pages were, so I will be taking some time to reset the coding for those pages so they match up and everything runs the same way.

We also have another member turn up after finding the website. A welcome to Brock E. Lindley. He served with the Charlie Company from 1969 -1970 as a 62L20 wheel tractor operator.

And it has also come to our attention that Ed Ingram passed away Oct. 13 2010. He will be added to our memorial wall post haste.

Another member of Company C, 169th Engineer Battalion Vietnam has been found : Rodney Hedrick

Rodney was one of the first members of Company C to arrive in Vietnam as part of a advanced party. Along with Red Dawson and Billy Galloway, he was sent to Saigon to unload heavy equipment arriving by ship from Okinawa.

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